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Lost all ability to fly?


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On my second flight with the A300 just at top of climb the plane stalled and just fell thorugh the sky, whatever I did to recover the stall nothing worked.

The speed looked OK right before this happened.

Have never seen this before with any other aircraft in MSFS... Any ideas?


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On 1/2/2024 at 9:59 PM, Nico - Gumby said:


This sounds like an issue we are already tracking, are you using FSUIPC by chance?

I have noticed FSUIPC being mentioned a few times with this issue. Is there anything we can do from our end to mitigate this while we wait for the patch?

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On 1/3/2024 at 11:31 PM, Nico - Gumby said:

Thanks, we will investigate some more

I just tried the new update, same issue persist. Tried twice, and at approximately the same phase the aircraft just start falling through the sky, totally unflyable..

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This is still a bug in the current build. Was cruising along at 34,000 feet, not touching the controls at all, just watching youtube and all of a sudden I hear an alarm and I'm falling out of the sky. Falling flat, IAS was increasing but I had no control over the plane at all. I do not have FSUIPC or GSX installed. Just Volanta.

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