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Cockpit window dimensions


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Hey! First of all, I really enjoy flying the A300 it's a very beautiful plane. However, after looking at the outside model for a bit, I've noticed that the cockpit windows on the new model are quite a bit larger than the ones in real life. With the help of a friend, we then aligned the sim-model with a real photo in Blender as close as we could. You can see the results in the image below.

I know this would be very hard to fix, but maybe you could give this section a second look and verify the dimensions of the windows after you've fixed the other, more major, issues.



Another modelling issue I found is with the TRP panel. In the sim, there is a large gap on the panel itself which is not present in the real aircraft. This could be resolved by removing the empty space on the panel, align the upper edge with the N1 indicator and moving the Landing Elevation panel and Landing Gear Indicators a bit down.



Thanks for any considerations!


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