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Engines shut down after start and switch starter knob back to off


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Hello . After upgrade i have problem with engines. 

1. I start engines with normal procedure. If engines was started i turn back Ignition knob to OFF and after approx 4sec something happen and both of engines shutting off. All fuel pumps are ON etc. etc. If i want engines as running i have to ignition knob leave in position Start, A or B or Crank



2. problem with pumping throttle. I have to ingnition to mode crank, or start and engines running. But if move throttle engines "pumping" and plane have no power to take off. I have Thrustmaster TCA quadrant. I tried calibrate throttle and all looks OK. If i use button TOGA plane take off normally, but if i gave full throttle manually engines pumping and take off is impossible..


3. After upgrade i loose FPS before i have approx 60fps, after upgrade i have 25-35fps


I tried reinstall plane from inibuilds manager, no change


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