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MSFS does not log a300 flight when powering of the engines


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Can anyone help or tell me the right setting?

Normally my MSFS shows a flight log as soon as I have powered of all engines after a flight but with this a300-600 (passenger version) it won't do that even allthough I have powered of both engines as well as switched off the battery switches...

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I mean the following:

I have enabled the MSFS logbook showing up after engine shutdown.

This works for all planes except the a300 versions.

And yes, even then it is not always logging all my flight hours 😉 but this has nothing to do with the a300.

Besides: The MSFS logbook seems only to log flights, that are started cold and dark and ended cold and dark after landing.

So my problem only is, that it does not show up after a300-engine-shutdoen.


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