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Missing FMC Intersection DATA


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I'm missing FMC intersection Data (SPD/ALT or FL) after last SID intersection (please, see attachment). That happens with every F-PLN and there is no difference if I use A300-600R or A300-600F. I create F-PLNs via Simbrief and download it via SimbriefDownloader. I deleted via Navigraph Hub the base package (AIRAC Cycle 2313 rev.1) and installed it new, but the problem it's the same.

But, if I make during my flight a direct (DIR) to next or another intersection all missing Data appear and it's oK. This behaviour shows up every flight and every new F-PLN.

With other Aicrafts e.g. PMDG 737-800 or Fenix A320 I have no such problems.

Any help is very welcome!





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When it comes to navdata and the FMC, comparing to Fenix and PMDG is not the way to go.  They use the Navigraph data, not the sim-based data.  As seen on other threads, the sim based data is good, but not Navigraph good.   

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