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Sudden FPS decrease / GPU usage increase


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I bought KJFK a while back but never got round to using the scenery. I loaded in using the new A300 yesterday, but I'm experiencing a weird problem where the FPS starts out fine, but quickly reduces to an unusable level after I start panning around the cockpit or going to external view.

To further test this, I loaded in at a random gate (A27). At the start, the FPS tends to hover around 27-30.



If I then pan the camera to face roughly towards the back of the aircraft, my GPU usage suddenly increases to 99% (from a relatively low percentage) and my FPS decreases to around 10-15.




Sometimes it will stay at a reduced FPS indefinitely, although I have seen it recover fully (but it happens again as soon as I start panning).


I am noticing that the VRAM is going past the maximum at times, but even when it drops back below the limit, it sometimes won't recover.

I tried using the advice in the pinned thread here, but it made no difference. I also tried turning off EVERY option in the iniManager for KJFK, but it made little to no difference.

I also tried using the PMDG 737 and whilst I had a higher average FPS than the A300, I still happened.

I figured I'd try loading into iniBuilds EGLL and Aerosoft EBBR with the A300 to see if I could induce the same issue, but in my very limited testing, I couldn't. At both airports, I noticed that the VRAM occasionally increased past its limit, but I didn't see the same behaviour as I do at KJFK. It stuttered briefly, but the FPS stayed relatively high.

My settings are effectively the Ultra preset, but I've reduced Terrain LOD and Object LOD to 100 and my resolution is 2560x1440. This has worked well for me in all situations since MSFS launched.

Intel i7 10700K | ASUS RTX 3080 10GB | 32GB DDR 3600MHz RAM

Am I doing something wrong?

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6 hours ago, trisho0 said:

Try to uninstall the KJFK Asobo default?


Yes, it's been uninstalled since I purchased the scenery. 

After further testing I was able to make a similar thing happen at iniBuilds EGLL this morning, by loading in and going straight into the cabin of the A300. Sharp FPS drop, with an associated GPU usage spike. In this case, however, it would resolve itself within a few seconds, unlike the lengthy / sustained drop at KJFK.

VRAM might be the issue after all. Forgot to note, I'm still using DX11 to try and avoid this in the first place, but it seemingly isn't enough any more.

I'm guessing my PC is just getting a bit outdated for these modern add-ons. According to the official MSFS forum, a lot of people are also experiencing a performance degradation since SU14 launched, so it could be that too.

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From Options Graphics, look at the line of GLOBAL RENDERING QUALITY and try testing with to find the highest FPS. Then you can change the other Graphics lines like Texture Resolution to HIGH; Texture SuperSampling to 4x4.

This is only as a try to start looking for FPS in question.


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