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FMS Lat/Long entry format for A310/A300?


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Yes, I discovered that much but is direct entry into the flight plan not supported? If not, is it planned to be added later? Or was it not supported by the IRL FMS?

Btw, just a note, on the XP version after creating several PBD waypoints when going to the REF>Next>Defined Waypoints list it corrupts and shuts down all the FMS and Nav displays. Fortunately on FMS2 this works fine.

Also, in the XP version the format 4300.0S/14100.0E results in a format error when trying to create a custom waypoint. I think there is one extra box after the dot for the LONG component. The same entry works in MSFS and there is one less box there.




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Same here ( A306 MSFS ).

According to real world FCOM it is however indeed possible in the real A300/310. 

Format is e.g. xxxx.xN/xxxxx.xE.

Really curious why this isn‘t modelled.

Best regards.

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Just checked in MSFS v1.1.1, I am able to define a new waypoint using below method, and able to recall/use the newly defined custom waypoint on FPLN page using the defined identifier

On 12/30/2023 at 10:27 PM, Deleted Account said:

You will need to create a new waypoint for that. REF --> Next Page --> Waypoints. Then enter a name (CWYP1 for example) and enter the coordinates. In this case it would be 4300.0S/14100.0E


Then click store and you can put the new waypoint into your flightplan.

With regards to direct entry of LAT/LON WPTs on FPLN page, this is currently not implemented and results in 'RUNWAY NOT IN DATABASE' error message instead of the LLXX WPT entry (similar to PBD WPTs). The feedback is noted and we'll look into it.


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