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Ability to remove pilot/co-pilot seat


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Hi iniBuilds,


Would you consider allowing the option to remove the pilot seat from view? For those of us with triple monitor setups, you often have to move the viewpoint back in the cockpit and then increase zoom to get things in perspective with MSFS. PMDG do this with their 737 (and hopefully the 777) and Fenix have the option to actually slide the seats backwards.

Not sure how hard it would be to model (or remove the model) but those of us with triple monitors may appreciate it and it would then be a buy for me 🙂




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I think the best solution is to allow you to slide the seat back using the switch on the side, I think removing the seats might confuse some users as it's not a feature I've seen in any other aircraft 😅

I've added this as a future changelog item.

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