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Fuel consumption and oil quantity with sim rate 2x and 4x


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Fuel consumption is the same, no matter if sim rate is 2x or 4x, so for 7h flight I used just 10t of fuel with 4x sim rate instead of aprox. 40t

Also oil quantity discrepancies between analog and ECAM - 17 vs 19, is that correct?

Anyway, plane is perfect!




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Hi there. I noticed the same. Landed at KEWR coming from EDDH with 34 tons of fuel. Used sim rate acceleration. It would be very beneficial for those of us with little time on their hands if fuel consumption were adapted according to sim rate used. It is a major immersion killer for me. Otherwise nicely done!!

Kind regards


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Yep, and as was stated, non-normal sim rates are not supported on their planes.  Since it is not supported the issue that is seen is normal and not a bug and everyone will see/have it.  

Since it is not supported you have a few options:

1. Fly 1x sim rate

2. Fly other than 1x and accept that you will have more fuel when landing or plan accordingly. 

3. Wait to see IF they support faster than 1x

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