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Well there I was spooling down to make an approach into KDFW from KCLT, 12500ft and decending into my next fix. I began to clear a discontinuity from the MCDU and all of a sudden the aircraft lost electrical power, hydraulic power, engine power, and all control. It entered a steep climb, stalled, and began rolling to the right until I made impact with the ground. Im not sure if this is a result of a WASM crash, or what but I completely lost all control of the aircraft.  No MX needed as this is just my 3rd flight and I have plenty of fuel and fluids are still good. Any ideas what wouldve caused this INI? Also, sitting here on the ground and the airplanes electrical power keeps tripping, my pitch trim, and yaw dampers reset off every time, and I get an audible tone, yellow master caution, the right ecam page flickers out, and my left instruments start flashing as well. I am playing on PC



Also, master caution and master warning lights light up like emergency lights when you move the mouse quickly over them, the cabin disappears when you zoom out and the plane becomes hollow and see through. I know its the initial release, so Ill cut some slack, but lets hope these things can be fixed!






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