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Currently, there is no way to cool (or heat) the cabin on the ground without the APU running.  While it doesn't affect how I fly the aircraft, these little things add to the realism and sense of preparing the ship for a long flight with passengers and your competitors have them added in.  Getting the cabin ready is an important part of the pre-flight and it would be nice to be able to do this without starting the APU as happens most of the time in real life.  I would love to see the following added in the future.  

1.) External Pneumatic Air (High Pressure Start Cart) - This was available in the MSFS A310, so I'm curious why it is excluded here in the A300.  j

2.) External Pre-Conditioned Air - This was not available in either the MSFS A310 nor the A300, but as it is the most common way to condition an aircraft at the gate in real-life, I really think it should be added as an option.

Please see the following photo as a simple reference to show why these are an important part of the pre-flight process.





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Robert Schumacher

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