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DC ESS BUS during Standby Generator Test


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I believe the DC ESS BUS display on the DC ELEC ECAM display should display as an amber color during the Standby Generator test.  This would need confirming by experts on the aircraft and/or type-rated pilots, as I find the manual a bit confusing in this regard.  Please see attached photos for reference




Robert Schumacher

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The indication of the ECAM is correct. The Standby Generator supplies the DC ESS BUS, so it's green.

Excerpt from FCOM 1:

The DC ESS BUS is supplied from:
‐ The ESS TR
‐ The DC NORM BUS, through the DC BUS tie contactor which closes as soon as the aircraft
network is electrically supplied (except when supplied by EXT PWR).

If supply from the DC NORM BUS and ESS TR is lost, the DC ESS BUS is supplied by the
standby generator or by the batteries:



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Sorry, I found it 😅 My FCOM 2 says exactly the same with the note "DC BUS TIE is not displayed & DC ESS BUS is amber". But I cannot find a reason for it in the documentation. My assumption is, that with the ELEC PUMPS OFF the STBY GEN has not output, but the DC BUS TIE is still open, so the DC ESS BUS is not fed by the DC NORM BUS for a short period of time

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