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Oxygen Supply Switch INOP on passenger variant


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On the passenger variant, the Oxygen Supply Switch on the OVHD panel is INOP.  There is no click-spot.  They work on the freighter variant and also in the A310.

Also, it's worth mentioning in the same report, but should the two gauges on this panel be indicating in the green when power is disconnected from the aircraft?  I took this photo in a cold/dark state. 

Please see attached photo for reference.


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Robert Schumacher

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On 12/30/2023 at 10:33 AM, Nico - Gumby said:

Yep, will be 1.0.2 (or whatever the next version will be called) fix 🙂

Thanks very much for that. While you're looking at this please consider setting the default (cold/dark) position for the O2 supply to OFF for both the Freighter and Passenger variants. The O2 supply button defaults to ON on the current (v1.01) Freighter. I recall from the a310 that they defaulted to OFF which I think is the correct state based on checklists, etc...



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