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Airplane in slow motion almost to a halt


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Was descending into PDX, when suddenly just after passing 10000 feet the plane slows to an almost total halt. As if I hit the active pause. It was still moving, but extremely slow. Yes I checked if I had hit active pause or slowed down time accidentally. Also, when loading the plane through the EFB for the first time it over stressed it and had to restart. Happened when I hit apply to aircraft. 

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In regards to the slow motion, I had the same issue on a landing roll out in PANC. I have only had it once, but it was very noticeable on landing roll aircraft slowed to a snails-pace in outside world but everything inside the cockpit ran at normal speed (I.e. airspeed deceleration normal rate) but outside it looked like I landed at 20 knots and rolled out in about 5 feet. Used no time compression and did not edit any parameters on approach. One-time bug for me so far. 

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