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Incorrect Turn at Holding Fix


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Has anyone else had any issues holding? I did a hold earlier tonight and the aircraft turned the wrong way on the first time crossing the holding fix after the hold entry. It did this twice, then I exited the hold and continued on as normal.


Picture below:


The hold was northeast of the LTJ VOR on the 070 radial, right turns, 10nm legs.

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It's an old post, but today but it was the only one I found mentioning HOLD issues. This old problem is not happening to me anymore, but today, while trying to do a holding, despite setting heading 27X it was going to 25X. It circled properly but when I tried to leave the HOLD pressing EXIT button, the whole FMC froze. I could control the plane but only altitude was moving, despite the wrong value.
I used to hate this plane when I bought it, but after a few updates I tried it again and I'm loving. I hope you guys keep fixing this issues.

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Hi, just to confirm, you are having this issue as of 1.1.1 HF1, wherein if you exit a hold, the FMC freezes (aka WASM crash)?

Can you please let us know if you are able to recreate this issue? If this is specific to a certain HOLD procedure (at a specific waypoint), or happening universally across holds for you?

More information would be appreciated. Thanks!

Vrishabh Sehgal @Richboy2307 )
IniBuilds Community Team Member & Tester

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