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iniBuilds A300-600 Release Information & Walkthrough Video


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Hello all!

We hope you enjoyed the iniBuilds Winter Wonderland special event which featured some fantastic releases; OMDU - SkyDive Dubai (free) & Landmarks, Dubai International Airport and some info on our 2024 roadmap including the iniBuilds A350 & the A380 🥳


Today is a super exciting day as we reveal information on the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner release & our 'Welcome to the A300-600R video'.

Welcome to the A300-600R
In traditional iniBuilds fashion, we aren't going to release a plane with just a manual 😉 Whilst we haven't made a full tutorial series for this product, we have made a 'Welcome to' video / intro to the product showcasing some of the beautifully modelled parts and features of the plane! 🥳 It is a great piece of content for those who might be on the fence about purchasing the aircraft or would like to know more about the depth of detail we have gone into! ❤️ 

Content Creators 
Another thing happening today, is some content creators will be starting to showcase the product as we enter the pre-release streamer phase. Please note that they are using a beta version of the aircraft, and that if bugs do present themselves they will most likely be fixed in the release version of the aircraft. The NDA will be lifted at 6pm UTC. 

Liveries & SimBrief Profiles:
As we prepare for release we have started to work on uploading liveries & the SimBrief Profile for the aircraft.

You can find the SimBrief profiles here:


You can find liveries available to download here & via iniManager for direct installation. Both should be available. Please note that liveries are still being created and will be uploaded to these locations. 


A paintkit is also available here: 

Release Information:

So we have covered content creators, liveries, SimBrief profiles & paintkits! 😉 

We are pleased to inform you that we are doing the final preparation of the aircraft and release will be before this weekend. You can find the store page here: https://inib.uk/a300-msfs & we are pleased to inform you that the price for this extremely feature rich aircraft will be £34.99 GBP excl. VAT


We hope you are as excited as we are, to Welcome the iniBuilds A300-600R to Microsoft Flight Simulator! 

iniBuilds team ❤️


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It looks really good.  Regarding the wear and tear, if the oil level gets too low and isnt refilled will the engine eventually fail?  Are any other failures modeled that can be triggered from abuse such as low hyd fluid, hot starts, icing, etc?

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2 hours ago, capizolano said:

Why are you making us wait so long?, publish the plane at once, i am tired for wait, fist the winter announces, after te posth, now some days more

Why don't you try and do what inibuilds have done and design a plane for MSFS? Or have some patients like the rest of us are doing !!

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20 hours ago, capizolano said:

Why are you making us wait so long?, publish the plane at once, i am tired for wait, fist the winter announces, after te posth, now some days more

yo have many brain problems

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7 hours ago, LumoJames said:

Is it out yet? I'm about to wet myself with excitement 😅

UPDATE: I did indeed wet myself with excitement when it was released. A change of clothes later, I have completed my first flight and love the aircraft. Thankyou for your hard work. This will be a great asset to our virtual airline! 💙

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Inibuilds thanks for this nice product but, honestly, I’m not gonna buy it for now. I have already all your Xplane aircrafts ( Beluga,A310 and A300…)and I really missed the “custom failure “ model you had in Xplane. I ‘m an airline pilot and I find a little pointless to buy an aircraft only to see “how it start up” or “how it land”.

Put all the Xplane features and you’ll find plenty of costumers willing to pay twice the price this add on cost now.


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Just wondering  if you plan to release a manual for this. I'm having heaps of trouble trying to calibrate the throttle in the EFB.The throttles move as I'm trying to do each section but when I've done that it says calibration saved but the throttles will not move at all.Cheers.

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