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iniBuilds Development Roadmap for 2024 & 'Secret Project Reveal'


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Well here we are... nearing the end of 2023! What a fantastic year it has been 🥳 From all of us at iniBuilds thank you for all your support on the various projects we have produced for the flight sim community!

We have one major one left which is the launch of the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner for Microsoft Flight SimulatorBe sure to tune into the forums and various content creators on Tuesday 26th of December where we will reveal the price, store page, release date and lift the NDA from your favorite content creators who might showcase this plane before release! We will also publish the 'Welcome to' video, introducing you to the product and why it should be the next airliner in your virtual fleet! ❤️



In 2023 we released 10 sceneries from across the globe but we have even more exciting destinations planned for 2024! 🌇

Whilst we don't normally reveal what we do too early on I am happy to reveal two locations releasing in the first quarter of 2024!

Abu Dhabi International Airport 
We continue our journey in the UAE, with Abu Dhabi International Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! Not only, will this be the latest configuration of the airport including Terminal A, it will have numerous POI's that are in close proximity of the airport - key assets that make up what everyone knows about Abu Dhabi! 🌆🥳

Here are some shots of the old terminal - Terminal 1/3! 😉




Leeds Bradford Airport 
We return to the UK to the heart of Yorkshire with Leeds Bradford Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! This airport is in the early stages of development but the WIP pictures below should give you a flavor of what to expect. We have two more destinations planned for the UK in 2024, so it should be a great time for those simmers who like flying in the UK! 






We have an extremely exciting 2024 lined up when it comes to aircraft 😉

Of course we will have updates to the iniBuilds A300-600R Airliner as per the plan outlined in Development Update 3 & we also intend to look at updates to the XP12 fleet in the first quarter of 2024.


It is with great pleasure to announce the iniBuilds 'secret' project is the iniBuilds A350 airliner for Microsoft Flight Simulator! 🥳With launch expected in 2024, we have an exciting year ahead! 

The above is a HIGHLY WIP image, but we wanted to show you something rather than just some words! (please do not over-analyze the image 😉). We intend to have both the -900 and -1000 variants available, with both winglet types modelled on the -900.  

If you are an A350 type rated pilot, or engineer please do reach out to us as we get into the depths of this project! We have no more information to add for now but we will have development updates throughout 2024 before release. 

A lot of you might be asking - what about the A380 and for what simulator?

We have decided to re-build the A380 model previously announced from scratch during the early days of iniBuilds. The new A380 project will be for Microsoft Flight Simulator which will be built alongside the A350 project, but will release afterwards with no timeline planned at this time. Furthermore, there is no other versions planned for other simulators at this time. 

We hope you are as excited as we are for both the iniBuildsA300-600R Airliner and our plans for 2024! Don't forget to re-visit the forums on Tuesday 26th December for more info! 😉 ❤️ 

Have a lovely festive period!

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