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CTD with Dubai Skydive Dubai

Bert Groner

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Hello everyone here!

Waiting for Christmas is a good time to test iniBuilds new OMDB. By the way thanks iniBuilds for making - as well for the accompaning freeware...

Frist impression was a CTD - at this moment had been installed:

iniBuilds OMDB
iniBuilds Skydive Dubai
Orbx' Dubai City Pack

I've deleted Asobo's OMDB from the OneStore folder but this was reinstalled immediately I fired up MSFS again. Then I've deinstalled the Dubai City Pack and it works.

Two questions to you and the dev's - and one inquires for them:

1. Is Dubai City Pack still nessessary with Dubai Skydive?
2. If nessessary can you ensure compatibility then (...after the holidays ;-)?
3. Can you take care of the sunken brigdes at Dubai and lift them out of the water please?

Thanks so much - have relaxing holidays and a happy, healthy 2024 - may it be much more peaceful than it's predecessors!



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