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Fuel consumption and time acceleration


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I flew plenty of time the A310, my fuel concumption was always very close to fuel prediction in my Simbrief planning until the SU13 update. 

When I accelerate the time during my flight, the fuel consumption doesn't match anymore with my fuel prediction. It seams the fuel consumption is based on real time instead of simulator time.

An other player and I noticed the problem a month ago in the MSFS forum, without answer.


I made a test flight today:

LEVT -> EDDP / 940nm (time accel x4 most of the time)

-Bloc fuel at the start : 16,6 t

-Total fuel in the tank at the end : 12,2 t instead of 6.5 planned in my simbief flight.

-A310 airframe in simbrief : All weights are the same as MSFS, no fuel factor.


Any idea what's wrong ?

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