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No Align option in FMS


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I have just tried a new flight in the A310 and I have no ALIGN IRS option on the INIT page. I have tried turning off and back on the IRS switches on the upper overhead but still nothing appears. Align mode is showing next to all three switches.

Also, importing the simbrief plan through ACARS isnt working.

The last flight I made on the 4th November worked fine.

I have tried reinstalling the aircraft but still no joy at all.

Can anyone help at all,



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It looks like the simbrief import is broken.  Just tried using the a310 for the first time in a while and the simbrief download doesn't bring in the flightplan.  Every time you hit the import it doesn't populate the flightplan and in the to/from line in 1R nothing shows up but it shows in the coroute 1L line.

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