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Possible memory leak?


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Hey! I'm not sure if this is MSFS related, Asobo 787 related or Inibuilds JFK related but figured I would report it anyway.

So if I spawn up at the gate at JFK, I get about 60 fps in the sim and some minor stutters but nothing too bad.
However, if I fly fro LGW to JFK in the 787 (approx 7,5 hours) my frames at JFK are severely degraded. On about 15DME it's all good, about 60fps.
At final however where LODs from JFK loads in my fps decreases drastically to about 30fps, and by the time I arrive at my gate I could be down to 15 degrees and the stutters are massive. I'm not good at troubleshooting exactly what is draining my performance, but if I fly into FlyTampa Boston, Taxi2Gate MCO, Flightbeam IAD I don't have these issues. I had the same issue flying into LAX a few weeks ago and would get 20-30 fps on final, but if I reload the sim and depart from LAX I would be back at 60 fps. So my theory is that there is some issue in regards with how LAX and JFK are rendering in the sim that takes a toll on the performance in the sim.

Anyone else had similar experiences? This was with the newest 1.1.0 update

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Same specs here except my gfx card is a rtx 3080 and I have frames locked to 30 FPS. I just started getting this problem the other day as well (upgraded to 1.1.0) I've been able to reproduce the issue, I get it from 2 things. First when the IRS aligns and the PFD/ND display the airport I get a drop to about 10-15fps. Second way I get a FPS hit is by hitting the EICAS button on the glare shield, this once again drops me down to about 10-15 fps. I have gone to EGLL with Ini scenery and done all these, I do encounter a drop in FPS just for a split second but it comes back to 30 FPS locked. I headed back to JFK and tried a different plane, the FBW A320 also encounters these issues but I haven't narrowed it down to just what yet, the drop isn't as significant as the 787 but way more than any other scenery I have . Terrain LOD is set to 100, landside cars, vegetation, animated train, animated jetblue hanger, and static aircraft are turned off as well (I originally had them on but was getting below 10 FPS when doing steps listed above to recreate). 

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