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  1. Hi again mate. Having a new issue on another scenery. Was wondering if you had any idea of fixing this. Here is a picture of the issue: Thanks in advance
  2. Update, seems that LOWERING the airport altitude did the trick interestingly enough! I lowered it a bit too much but still seems to work like a charm now! Image of how it's currently Pic number 2
  3. Hey, thanks for the help! Sadly, it didn't work. It removed the base P3D stuff but there is still some sort of ground photoscenery that overlaps the actual airport. Same bleeding as before. From the sky it looks fine, but the closer I get to the ground it gets replaced by the photoscenery Here are some pics: Pic 1 pic 2
  4. I will give it a go. I've used ADE to fix default buildings shining through add-on scenery but not changed airport elevation or anything else. I'd be happy to give it a try myself, but I would definetly need some sort of guide or tutorial on how to do it.
  5. Thanks. Seems like I've got the issue again. I'm out of ideas of what the issue could be image link
  6. Correction (can't edit my previous post?) had to set texture and mesh resolution to max, not the complexity
  7. Update: I fixed it. Turns out I had to set scenery complexity to max ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I'm having this issue with Tropicalsim LPPR in P3Dv5.1 Problem persist with the scenery fix, anyone got any clue what might be the issue and how to fix it? Or if the Porto fix simply doesn't work? From a height it looks fine (image link) And as I move lower, the ground textures disappear (image link) Until it's just the base with no custom textures (image link)
  9. Hey. Just realized there was a new version a few days ago. I was using the previous verison, as I tried it out on Saturday, so just bad timing on my end. My apologies
  10. Hello! I tried to install your ENGM Dynamic Lighting mod but it seems to be incompatible or not fully work, due to the change of folder structure with the scenery. Would it be possible to update this, so it's a seamless install and so it works like it should with the newest Aerosoft Oslo update? Regards
  11. Hello! Big fan of the liveries and services you provide to the community. However, I've found a few liveries that are missing certain things or are outdated. I sent you a PM on Facebook but figured it was worth putting it here as well! First of all, the Peach Aviation liveries for the FSLabs are missing the over-wing registration on the right wing. IRL all Japanese airlines has registration both under the left wing and above the right one. Besides that, these liveries seems fine. Then it's your West Atlantic liveries which are outdated. IRL G-NPTB has been changed to SE-RLK and i
    Another great livery by Inibuilds, however there is an error; Japanese airliners have the registration on top the right wing, as well as underneath the left one. This livery does not have any registration on top of the wings what so ever
    Great livery, but slightly out of date. G-NPTB has changed it's registration to SE-RLL, and I assume G-NPTA will change soon, just like G-NPTC is SE-RLK now
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