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Approach Lights at EGHI and missing Locator/NDB antenna

Bert Groner

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Hello everyone here and many thanks to iniScene for making EGHI - great stuff!

May I ask two questions please?

1. It's about the (correct) approach lighting types: Jeppesen shows currently a british CALVERT (HIALS) at both sides, LIDO (unnamed) short ones which iniScene is using and the british NATS a graphical type looking similar to a CALVERT: What is correct? Does anyone knows that from personal visits there?

2. I kindly ask the dev's to insert the Locator/NDB-antenna close to the glideslope antenna at runway 20. It is right now missing.

Thanks a lot - have a good day!




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Howdi Nico!

Really good news for another perfect scenery.

Another thing I've forgotten yesterday: On the charts form all three before named providers both the 02 and 20 have PAPI's only on the left side.

If this is correct please remove the right side PAPI's.

Thanks for that - have a good time!


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missing PAPI issue
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