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Watched a nice slideshow of HNL!


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I purchased HNL which looks fantastic. However it is completely unusable for me. I am averaging 18 FPS on Low settings and 15 on ultra. I normally run MSFS with Ultra graphics and average 35 to 50 FPS everywhere even with good scenery in the PMDG 737 / Fenix. 

Any ideas or suggestions? 

Thank you! 

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Still have not purchased Honolulu. With the framerates issue reported in this topic and no Mokulele Spawnpoints I just cant motivate the purchase right now. Flying exclusively the Caravan in Mokulele livery parking/starting at the correct Mokulele terminal is important to me.

I fully understand a big airport like Honolulu is going to have an inpact on performance, thats a given and understandable but the way its reported here is a bit of a worry. It does looks absolutely great however so I really hope an update is in the works?

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