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Inibuilds EGLL msfs performance ad ai parking assignments


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Hi all,

I'm thinking about getting Inibuilds Heathrow for MSFS (it's my local airport, and I'm really missing flying from there lol), however, I've heard that it's quite heavy on the performance, especially when it was released, but it seems like it's better now. I was just wondering how performance is now when used with live weather, fsltl, and pmdg/fenix aircraft etc, and whether my system could handle it ok. I've got Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU, 12th Gen Intel Core I7-12700H 15.67GB RAM. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

Also was wondering if/when correct airline parking assignments will be implemented (i.e. BA at terminal 5, star alliance at terminal 2 etc)? I know it's a small thing but it bugs me to see airlines parked in the wrong places lol. 


Any feedback on both these points would be much appreciated, especially in regards to performance.




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Thanks for the quick reply! That's great to hear, I took the plunge and got it, and I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far! It looks amazing and the performance is good, and it's nice to see aircraft in the right place!

I did have a minor issue with FSLTL where the aircraft disappear once they start moving, and also not showing up when landing despite being heard over atc, but I know FSLTL seems to be a bit temperamental lately, so maybe its to do with that?

Thanks again for all your help

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