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ILS issue at KOKC airport runway 35R


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Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Upon loading in a flight plan into my PMDG 737-700 to do an ILS land at the Oklahoma City airport runway 35R, the plane does not pickup the Localizer at all. I can even choose this runway directly in the FMC under the Approach menu, it will add it, even show me the localizer freq (110.90 mhz) and course (356 degrees), and yet when I set it up, and arrive near the ILS feather or even further back, my LOC display doesn't show it, and will not pick it up at all. Here's the mysterious thing. I've tried an ILS approach on runway 35L, (next runway over, just west of 35R) and that one works just fine! I haven't tried runways 17L or 17R yet, (and may today) but so far the issue is only on 35R. Again, I've tried both twice, 35L works just fine, 35R does not.

Anyone else have ILS issues with 35R? Other than that, I LOVE this airport! Great job on its design!


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