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EGLL AI traffic with FS Traffic


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I have version 3.0.2 of Heathrow, with the latest update for FS Traffic. I've noticed that the way the aircraft are parked at the gates doesn't seem right (this also happened before the update too).

I'm seeing a lot of British Airways planes at terminals 3 and 4. In real life, BA is almost all at Terminal 5, with a few from Terminal 3 and they don't go to terminal 4 at all anymore.

I've also seen:

  • American Airlines planes at T5 and T4 (should be T3 only)
  • Emirates A380 at T4 (should be T3 only)
  • Iberia at T4 (should be at T5 only)
  • Eurowings at T4 (should only be T2)

Basically, a lot of planes are parking in the wrong place.

The FS Traffic FAQ says that if this is occurring, it's because the scenery developer has not set up the gates correctly to work with traffic addons (I presume they're referring to the AFCAD file). Is this something that can be fixed in a future update? It's quite immersion breaking when you know an airport really well and where planes SHOULD be parked. I imagine this would affect other programs like FSLTL and AIG too, as they all rely on the airport's AFCAD file or whatever it's called in MSFS2020 (I believe).

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I've also just witnessed 2 planes crossing 27L as an aircraft was rolling down the runway on take off (near miss) and then the same plane (a Flybe Dash 8-400) taxied THROUGH a 787 that was taxiing. I assume this is MSFS#'s bonky ATC and AI implementation, but I wonder if it might also be related to the airport AFCAD file?

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Hi all

I've just purchased EGLL which looks absolutely superb however when used with FSLTL I am seeing a whole mixture of non-BA aircraft parked at Terminal 5 (and quite a few BA aircraft parked at other terminals) which doesn't seem quite right.

I had rather assumed that modified parking assignments would be a part of the package so I'm hoping there's something I'm missing and I would be grateful for any thoughts or help!



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