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External Lighting and Emergency Gear Extension

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Hi guys, 

I absolutely love the P-40! Great Job!

Please keep updating the aircraft. This is an aircraft that is very special to me and many others.

We appear to be missing the emergency gear extension system which should be installed in the F.

Kermit Weeks and Jeff Ethel both describe the emergency extension system in various P-40's.

Also, we do not appear to have any control over external lighting such as nav lights, landing lights, and signal lights unless I am just missing something. It could be me. I only have a few hours in the airplane so far.

Anyway, great job. I really like the integration of the modern radios and transponder. Very nice indeed.


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No, we won't add the gravity extension gear. First, because not all P-40Fs had them (especially the earlier ones) and second, because actually extending them, you'd have to wobble the hydraulic pump around 90 times, which wouldn't be very player friendly.

Lights however can be controlled here: image.png.fd73bd546de2c208f821b1f1914109b2.png

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