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ATR 42/72 Xbox THRUSTMASTER Airbus x quadrant set up


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Hi all.  I could be wrong but the ATR42/72 that came out on Xbox x for MSFS2020 was from inibuilds. 

Anyway since buying it I’ve not been able to set up the throttles on my Thrustmaster Airbus x Xbox quadrant. 

the throttles just have a mind of their own so currently it’s COMPLETLY in flyable.  

eveything works perfectly with the A310. Similar things happen with the pmdg 737-800

are there any Xbox X/S users here who own the Thrustmaster Airbus X joystick and quadrant that can show me how they have calibrated them please. I’m not on PC. This is the TM Airbus x for Xbox package quadrant. 



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