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Poor performance on Xbox Series S


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I recently bought the John F Kennedy airport and im experiencing poor performance. Every time im on final, my avionics screen turns black making the approach more difficult.  the rendering is pretty bad, when im taxing to the gate the airport appears right as im taxing in. i can only land into John F Kennedy, everytime i tried to load up my simbreif on the A310 or LVFR A319 my avionics screens turn black and eventually the game crashes. i want to know if there's anyway to fix this issue or will there be a update coming out for it? i enjoy the airport and i love landing into new york, i know the performance in the new york area is pretty bad but it would never crash for me. does this have to do with the world update? do i have to sort some settings out in order for me to have a smooth arrival into KJFK? i have 5ghz internet so i would assume the performance in NYC would have been better.

Microsoft Flight Simulator (2).png

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Hi I'm an xbox user who just bought the jfk. inibuilds I don't want to put any pressure but as soon as I get close to some terminal the screens of the plane go black furthermore from far away all the gates and even whole terminals are rendered very badly and are simply black parallelepipeds. In my opinion this should be a problem for you to deal with immediately because this makes it unusable as a scenario. I love your company, but in my opinion this is an issue that needs to be addressed right away.

sorry for the english(google translator)

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