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AN 225 (and ATR 42/72) fail to power up. Load up with battery switches on, but no power.


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This is a problem with both the AN-225 from inibuilds, and the A&H produced ATR42/72 aircraft purchased on the Microsoft flight simulator market place. The aircraft appear in the hanger fine, and are visible from both inside and out. The aircraft load up fine (they did cause CTD before update 13). However, both load up with the battery switches in the on position, but no power is actually on all panels are blank in the ATR, and none of the gauges in the AN 225 do anything. On the Atr, the battery switch upon cycling results in the sound of something turning on, but all the screens remain blank. On the AN 225, it is just dead, no sound, no nothing. Using the check list I have verified the battery switches (5) are in the on position, but all the screens are blank, excepting the EFB which is working (with the ATR this feature is also blank). I selected the GPU on the AN-225 with no results. NOTE: exterior lighting on the aircraft DOES work, so there is something "powering up" Attempting to start the APU per the checklist results in nothing as well. Actuating the nose similarly has no results. Staring both aircraft at the runway has them both with engines running but all the gauges dead. ALSO, for both moving the controller for the throttle results in the sound of the control in game moving but the throttles no moving. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, with and without game restart, even computer restart, same results. I do not have this issue with any other aircraft, even the Just Flight's BAE146 runs flawlessly. I read on a forum something about the add on plane not compiling correctly and that this is a known issue with AWSD aircraft or something to that effect, and all of those reporting issues were on Xbox. I am on PC. Also, with the AN 225, loaded up on the runway, the ailerons, rudder and elevator are deflected off neutral, and selecting flaps results in nothing. When a takeoff is attempted (fun no engine indications other than sound :P) the airspeed indicator did come alive, however, no other instrument is working, and by the fact the plane simply will not take off, I am thinking the flaps are indeed not deployed.)  *** NOTE: details on the ATR were included as seeing how the problems are very similar, I thought that may help sus out the issue.  Further, I notice the work folders for these planes appear directly in the "packages" folder, and are empty, where as the one for the BAE 146 (which as stated works perfectly) is populated with files.  I sent an attachment of an image showing the work folder locations.  The ones for the AN 225 and ATR had been deleted prior to this image, but they do appear in the same area as you see the BAE 146, Wright flyer and Volocity.  This issue is on a PC NOT on an Xbox.

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AMD Phenom II x6 1055T 2.80 Ghz.  I am as surprised as you, I thought that may be the issue as well, until I saw other people with this very issue had more superior rigs.  As I have stated, everything of the sim runs fine, if a bit shuddery every now and then (I'm used to this), all aircraft but the An 225, and ATR, have this issue.  My rig appears to have less CTDs than others as well.  Beats me how it can do it, but it does.  It is also temporary   (I am also running a GTX 750 GPU), as I am saving up for a whole new machine.  Were it not for people on X boxes, and one other on a Intel I7 equipped machine, having the exact same issue I would not even bothered filing this issue with you.

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