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P-40F elevator trim speed.


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Hey guys!

So I own your P-40f for Microsoft flight sim and it is a bloody great plane!

I was however wondering if it is possible for you guys to make the elevator trim a little quicker?

It currently trims at 1% per second. I was thinking 5% per second of input would be appropriate for this bird given that it is vital to trim after takeoff especially.

Trim in flight is a bit more manageable if you are just cruising. However, landing trim presents a little more of a hindrance.

Anyway, I am on Xbox Series X and was wondering if you guys might touch up on this in an update at some point?

Hope to hear back from you!



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It's a bit of a double edge sword. If we increase the speed, people might find it hard to achieve a balanced flight as we'd lose fidelity.

We can look into it if more people want us to do it though 🙂

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