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Small cabin improvements of the real plane


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Good morning/afternoon iniBuilds, I have some proposals that would enrich the airplane experience.

A few days ago I saw a video of Captain Dmytro Antonov on his YouTube channel and I realized that certain things do not correspond to the real plane:

The illumination of the "HORIZ" and "VRTCL" buttons are yellow.

The VEL button has an orange illumination.

The vertical and horizontal white lines are missing from the button section I mentioned earlier.

The lighting of the buttons of these is not a complete illuminated circle, it is shaped like a nuclear icon (I can't think of the correct term)

TCAS has a greenish illumination.

An option on the tablet that can hide/show the altimeter in feet since the original plane does not have it and that the user chooses.

The altimeter in meters has a digital display

The letters of the 8 buttons of both the captain and co-pilot of the HSI Nav mode are illuminated in an orange hue


I understand that some would take some work, such as the buttons with the shape I mentioned and the digital display on the altimeter, my proposal is to make it look as good as possible since I love the plane with the incredible work you have done.

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Oh my friend, thank you so much for these videos of the AN225. I was looking for that kind of videos because my main concern is not the buttons coloration but the seats position of both Captain and Copilot in our actual version. I was hopping they change that in this new update but still really disappointed about that. Fortunately they updated the sound package and I really love it. 

I had a long discussion about seats position and even with pictures, videos they are not convinced the yoke is not correctly positioned. Check my discussion here. 



On your first video it's clear the yoke is much closer to the dashboard and on the third video looking at the smaller video view where the pilot is seen from the side view, we can see his body is aligned with the smaller side window of the plane. Look in your MSFS model and you'll find the seat position is much backward. They really need to correct that which to me is the most important amelioration to do before the buttons. But I agree, your suggestions would increase the realism.

If they still not convinced about the seat position after looking at your videos, I just don't know what to tell more.





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