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VSI in metric cockpit misbehaving

Chris Browne

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On the 2 flights I have had since the last MSFS update the VSI in the metric cockpit has gone full deflection up with the slightest climb and full deflection down with the slightest descent - the imperial version works perfectly, so no biggie 🙂

Thanks for the great plane 

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I can second this issue as I'm having it too. Was going to report it with the other bug I just reported but it seems Chris Browne beat me to it. 

I've also noted something that might be related - when I start my flight the BF108 is always in metric cockpit mode even if I last flew it on imperial and the EFB shows imperial as the selected cockpit. If I click change cockpit button the entry on the EFB changes to metric but obviously the cockpit stays the same. However if I click it again it correctly changes to imperial. 

I also noticed that when in metric cockpit mode and the plane is sitting parked on the ground the VSI seems to react to your throttle settings. As you increase the throttle the VSI needle decreases from 0 to dive seemingly in tune with the throttle increase

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