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Time acceleration bug (Xbox)


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Time runs slower in the A310 than in real life by about 20%

I just had a flight calculated to last 3 hours according to SimBrief, and ended up with a flight-time close to 4 hours.

MCDU Flightplan and cockpit clock seemed OK and in accordance with my calculations on departure, but slowly drifts behind time as the flight progresses.

I did not pause the sim at any time, and cruised at .80 the whole flight.

Is this a known bug?

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Sorry, this might not be an issue related to the A310 or inibuilds. Seems like a general MSFS/Xbox bug.

But in case someone else is having this issue I found a fix.

1. In Xbox Settings -> System -> Time
-Select UTC as time zone.
-Disable 24 hour clock

2. In MSFS Options -> General Options -> Data
-Multiplayer OFF

This seems resolve this issue.

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