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T1 gates size and airline codes


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Thank you for creating this amazing scenery!

I don't see much AI traffic at T1, could you increase the size of the gates since T1 is used by a lot of heavies (AF, Lufthansa, Swiss, etc.) 

Also, about gate assignments, could you check if LOT Polish is assigned to terminal 7? (as in real life).

Thank you!


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I just wanted to add that it looks like LOT is correctly assigned to T7, however, it’s often not showing up due to not enough large gates. I believe that most heavy jets (777, 330, etc.) require 31m gate radius, 747-800 requires 35m and A380 requires 40m.

I tried to open the airport file in ADE Design and edit gates at both T1 and T7 myself but once I compile the file, the airport is completely broken. I miss the easy afcad editing from FSX days.. anyway I will just leave it to you guys, hopefully you can change this so we can see a great variety of AI at correct gates:)

Thank you very much!!!

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