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Terminal 5 - Parking spots too far in


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First of all, thank you for your effort to bring JFK to life in MSFS. Nice work! 

Although there are some issues as you can see in the uploaded screenshots.

Just done a flight to JFK and parked at Gate 9 (T5) just to notice as I was parking up that the A320 marker on the ground is really close to the wall compared to real life and due to this the jetway is resting on the wing before being operated then when we connect it to the L1 door it's going through the grey stairs. (See pictures)

Comparing the real life photo to the iniBuilds scenery we can easily spot that the jetway position when connected IRL to the airplane is pretty much in the same position as it is before connecting it to the airplane in MSFS. Lastly we can compare the nose of the airplanes to the wall. This is the case at 80% of the gates at T5. 

It'd be great if it would be addressed in a future update.

Thank you again for a fantastic scenery you provided us with and keep up the great work!




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