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AN-225 to sensitive


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I'm using a Logitech F710 gamepad since more than 15 years to fly my planes. Absolutely no problem on any planes in any flight simulators. But with the AN-225, the flight model make the plane flying like a paper plane !  Overreacting to any of my commands. So yesterday I learned how to tweak my controller to make it less sensitive and I found an excellent compromise. Now it fly like an heavy and slow plane. But looking at my control profile, it's not normal I have to do this for a so heavy plane as all my other planes most are at 0% position and they are flying very very nicely.

Also the trim is excessively too sensitive, you should address this please.


FlightSimulator 2023-03-28 13-54-10-58.jpg

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The Antonov was surprisingly nimble for its size. What many people don't know is that it even had FBW.

The trim needs to be that sensitive to work with the default AP; but also it was rather sensitive in the real thing.

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