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VERT REV Time Cstr


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Hey all,

In prep for CTP on Saturday, I thought I'd see if the RTA/Time Constraint function is working in this aircraft. When I try and insert a time against a given fix on the VERT REV page, entering a time into the GMT field appears to do nothing, my entered data disappears and the display flashes as if I made an entry, but nothing appears next to GMT, nor does CLR GMT* appear, there is also no feedback either as to whether this function is operable or not.

I have cross checked with the FCOM and I believe I am doing everything as it should be, the only 'gotcha' I see is that entering one on the ground will cause it to be cleared once the aircraft transitions from T/O to CLB so have been trying to enter these whilst already in flight.

Is this function not simulated in this aircraft? Or could I be doing something wrong?

Any help more than appreciated 🙂


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