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NZQN with 2 bumps on runway and huge spikes (like castle mountain) near side


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Hi, there is a problem with NZQN. I use World Update New Zealand with this scenery, and when approaching runway 23, there is a huge castle mountain like with spikes near the runway, and when landing, there is a huge bumb on around 1/3 position and another one close to the end..

The castle mountain like bug dissapears when getting closer to the airport (about 3nm).

I removed the scenery and try back asobo escenery, and all problems are gone.

I dont use Orbx Mesh, the problem was during simupdate 11 and now with simupdate 12 too. The version used is the latest. (1.0.1)

Sin titulo.jpg

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Thanks. Could find any of these before posting. 

In case you want me to test new update, please let me know. I have world update 12 installed, asobo installed at the moment, but i can uninstall it anytime you want.  I use terrain LOD on 400, but can change it as needed. I have an rtx 3080 ti 16 gb. (mobile) using 4K.

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