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Paid chargeback fee, still don’t have access to my account and scenery 1 week later


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I did a charge back all the way back in December. I received a email from my credit card provider, and all it said was I can be double charged, and to file a chargeback. I check my account, and I had been double charged. After verifying, I did go back to the email and file a chargeback. I had no understanding of the impacts a chargeback can have on a vendor. I tried to call my credit card to cancel the chargeback but they told me as it has already been filed that I would have to wait for the vendor (iniBuilds) to decline the chargeback and dispute it and then at that point I can cancel the chargeback. After waiting until after the period I called to cancel the chargeback in which I was informed that iniBuilds had accepted the chargeback and there was nothing I can do. I spoke to iniBuilds and they told me that if I repay the chargeback fee, they could restore access to my account. I happily paid the chargeback fee, as I was aware that I should have contacted iniBuilds first before I did the chargeback. After I paid the chargeback fee, and the agent from iniBuilds I spoke to told me I should have access to my account I still did not have access to the account. It has been nearly a week and I have not heard anything from support, so I was hoping I could come to the forums to get access back to my wonderful scenery. Thank you for taking the time to read this

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