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Questionable Handling?


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I have always enjoyed the A300/A310 in XP and now in MSFS. 

Lately, however, I am finding that the MSFS low speed handling is edgy, as if airspeed is too low leaving the aircraft to “wallow”.

Even the AP struggles to control the aircraft after takeoff and during the approach. Just now it became so low and slow under AP on finals to about 1000’ AGL that it was rolling left and right trying to stay on the LOC.

Other aircraft from GA to PMDG are fine, so I’m confident it’s not a control issue.

It was fine previously, though I’ve not flown the A310 much since the last update, if at all.

Im not on the MSFS Beta.

Any advice would be welcome. 

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That's what it feels like, but then I know the A310 and A300 from both XP & MSFS, and the AP struggles too.

I will try to capture  this on video when next I fly the A310.

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Another oddity is that the A310 can descend during an ILS approach whilst LOC established but before the G/S is alive.

So, I have the platform altitude dialled in, LOC capture using V/L which is tracked nicely, but it begins to descend even before I command LAND.


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I’m not on the Beta, and the weather was live, which means that this strange handling manifests itself anywhere.

I’ve been focused on the PMDG B737-900 for a while which means that in all likelihood I’ve not flown the A310 since the last update.

The suggested Vref was 133 kts, but to this I added 10kts as you can see from the MCDU, but this didn’t help.

 All help will be gratefully received!



Apologies for the noisy soundtrack, my recordings are usually crystal clear.



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