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Thrust reversers


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First of all let me repeat that I think this addon is awesome! IniBuilds have done a great job on it!

I've found what I believe are two bugs.

First, when the reversers are engaged but not at max reverse, the visual reversers on the engines engage partially (proportionally to the reverse thrust applied). I believe this is a bug and that the engines should be in full reverser configuration whenever any amount of reverse is engaged, so that you can move the lever to idle thrust without any change of the reversers on the engine. Only when reverser is fully disengaged, should the engines then go from full open reverser buckets to closed again. What limits the reverse thrust when the lever isn't fully aft, is that the engines are running at lower rpm and not partial reverser deployment, if that makes sense.

Also, the real aircraft had its wing landing lights between the outboard engines, ie. between engines 1 and 2, and between engines 5 and 6, and not outboard of all engines, as the FS model has. EDIT - I seem to have missed the post that said that the position of the outboard landing lights was changed during the lifetime of the aircraft!

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