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Were there variants of the An-225 and if so, which one is modelled here?


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I ask because I've noticed some distinct differences between the model in-sim and images online. Specifically the nose seems a little off, the somewhat incorrect cockpit windows and the large hump in the fuselage which originates behind the wings at the top.

regarding the hump, it's as if the rear portion of the fuselage takes a step upwards before continuing back to the tail. Looking through images online of the real An-225 the top of the fuselage is flush from cockpit to tail ignorring the smaller bumps which are accurate to those images.



Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

I'm loving the aircraft. She looks and flies great! I would just love to know if there was a variant of the An-225 which had these nuances.

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  • Dan225 changed the title to Were there variants of the An-225 and if so, which one is modelled here?


While there were some changes during its lifetime (out board landing lights come to mind) I don't think the hump you've described was one of them. So I'm afraid its a slight model inaccuracy 😕 I'll put it on the list for future consideration, but no promises here unfortunately.

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Thank you for responding. Appreciate the honesty and thank you for clarifying. Very much enjoying flying her and those little inaccuracies are only very small percentages of what is a very nice product overall. 

Grateful for you adding it to the list for possible consideration in the future!

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