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Having now flown your fabulous AN-225 several times I happend to notice some shortcomings in the release version:

1.) Engine sound in VC loud on idle, then when at mid range they get more silent just to get loud again on high RPM. Maybe this could get a bit more balanced.

2.) Engine sound not getting less intense the higher the plane gets. You did a pretty good job on that with the A310 latest beta build. Would be great to have that feature also in Mriya.

3.) Wind sound at higher speeds could be a bit louder, yet I know that's something everyone sees a bit different.

THX for all your affords in giving us this masterpiece in MSFS!

Best regards, Wolfgang

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New to this forum, very old time FS user since 1984. Now retired I have plenty of time flying (+2500/year) and I love very much you AN-225. Therefore sound is my #1 criteria on a plane and because the real plane have been destroyed, I image (sorry if I'm wrong) you didn't record the sound on the real plane. I like the sound but actually it shouldn't sound like the AN-124 ?  I think both planes use similar engines except one has 6.

Listening to the TSS AN-124 sound pack, your sound pack for the AN-225 is not representative of the real plane to me. I watched lot of real videos of the plane, I myself saw this plane twice for real and I'm questioning how real is the sound. Opposite to Flykorni, I'm extremely disappointed about the A310 sound. Very far from the real one. You are making so excellent planes, they are gorgeous but about the sound it's not top notch. Big place to amelioration. Also the external sound should be much louder than the interior one. I have to set 100% for external sound and 50% for interior and again, I need to crank up Windows volume to get a descent sound. Please adjust that.

Finally I would like so much your AN-225 sound like this. 


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Well, it will never sound exactly like that due to copyright.

You say you like the sounds in general; whats something you don't like which made you create this post? Sound systems are vastly different between FSX and MSFS anyways, so maybe differences between the pack from TSS and us can be explained with that.

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With your answer it's clear you didn't record the sound on a real AN-124 to make your AN-225 more realistic. Asobo is behind the project, I'm surprised they don't give you the tools and money to record on the real plane like they usually do with their planes.  I said the sound is not so bad but don't sound like the AN-124. I know FSX and MSFS sounds are different but at least TSS sound are the best reference to know how a plane should sounds and 95% of the time their sounds are close to the real thing.

Anyway, I don't thing you are about to change that and it's okay to me, but at least balance the inside and outside volume. Very easy to do. Take a plane like Just Flight BAE 146 or even better, the Hawk T1, adjust your ingame volume to make it correct to your ears, adjust the Windows volume says at 20% for your softwares and next load your AN-225. You will see the exterior sound is way too low and you will have to crank up the ingame and Windows volume to make it correct. But doing that, all other planes and Windows software are affected and it's very annoying to constantly adjust the volume. 

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