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Separate rudder & tiller control


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When I use my rudders which is bound to RUDDER AXIS the tiller is also moving, this is proving problematic when taking off/landing with high crosswind.

Is there a way to separate the controllers? I've realized that the tiller can operate separately from the rudder (using NOSE WHEEL STEERING AXIS) but the opposite doesn't seem to be true?

If there isn't a way to do this right now can you please add it to the list?

Thanks 🙂

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Hi gimbyger!

Thanks for your reply, yes that is a good workaround, thanks for the suggestion! Hopefully though the controls can be fully separated in future maybe? 😅

Do appreciate the work around though, didn't come to my mind! thanks, I'm sure it will be of great help!

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On 3/23/2023 at 3:49 PM, gumbyger said:

left one: AN225_STEERING_SWITCH_1

right one:AN225_STEERING_SWITCH_2



the guard works fine but the two others left and right do not move with 0/1 values

Did I miss anything?

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