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An-225 - Flaps 2 setting - slats position


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The first picture shows the wing of the iniBuild A225 in sim with Flaps 2 set, just after I started taxiing. The slats are out a centimeter (if that).

The second picture shows a real AN-225 with Flaps 2 set taxiing to the runway (I know its flaps 2 by the written procedure as well as the position of the trailing edge flaps). The slats are fully extended. 



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Cool, thanks. I think even with flaps 15 in the sim, the slats aren't all the way out. They appear to come out in proportion to the angle of the trailing edge flaps. I can't say for certain, but I believe the slats have just two positions on the real aircraft - fully extended or fully retracted. As soon as Flaps 2 is selected, I believe (not 100% sure though) that the slats go to the fully extended position. This may be something you and your team may want to look into. Thanks again for the correspondence! 🙂

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