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Possible to toggle reversers individually?


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently setting up a new Spad.Next profile for the MSFS A310 to use all features of the Honeycomb Bravo and unfortunately I'm a bit stuck on the reversers 🙂


So what I know is that the event "THROTTLE_REVERSE_THRUST_TOGGLE" will toggle the reversers of both engines which is fine but since the Bravo has individual switches to for the reversers on, in this case, both axis, I am wondering if there is a possiblity to achive this. Already tried to use the event "TOGGLE_THROTTLE1_REVERSE_THRUST", but this does not the job.


If there is no sim event available for each engine, I would also be happy to use some LVARs and change their value accordingly. I already tried to isolate them but so far I was not able to achive what I'm looking for.

Here are some I played around with...



Maybe someone already managed to achieve the seperated reverser activation or the dev team can help me.

Thank you in advance.

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