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Fuel flow / fuel system, fatal bug: quantity zero when leaving pause (new FSX-style pause)


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MSFS has a rather new "FSX-style" pause, as described here:

Other than active pause, this pauses all other traffic and all MSFS-managed aircraft systems as well. Can't use it with the A310, because when leaving it, fuel quatity is zero, engines spool down, crash is unavoidable.

To reproduce safely:
1) Map "Miscellaneous/Set Pause On" (and -OFF) to any key or button, unless already done
2) Establish on the runway, idle power, park brake set and engage "Set Pause"
3) Leave the flight deck using the drone camera, move away, enjoy the scenery. Interestingly, it will not happen if you stay at or near the flight deck.
4) Return to flight deck after exactly 30 sec. If you hit the right moment, you will see that fuel quantity is running down rapidly at a rate of approx. 250 kg per second - ten thousand times normal idle fuel flow. The fuel used indicators are counting up at the same rate. The fast rundown will stop if you unpause before empty. Interesting effect when unpausing: engines spooling up to high power momentarily.

I like to use this pause for screenshots and documentation, and it works well with all other aircraft that I've tried, but the A310 will kill me when airborne. However, I do observe that other proprietary aircraft systems remain active as well, but less critical ones. For example, when trying this on the PMDG 737 while wheel brakes are active, you'll get extremely hot brakes and burst your tires. I hope you can make the A310 robust for some paused screenshots.

Screenshots to follow.

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