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External Engine sounds are quiet, especially start up.


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I would like to start by saying what an absolute joy the A310 in MSFS is to fly in terms of feeling and systems. 

The sounds in the A310 in XP-11 were absolutely fantastic. The MSFS external engine sounds seem very quiet to me especially relative to other ambient sounds. 

Would it be possible to put the same sounds from the Xplane-11 version (at the same volume) onto this rendition of the plane or turn up the volume on the external engine sounds - I have worked around planes as part of ground handling and these things are almost deafening - they should definitely be louder than the APU and other ambient sounds around the airport. 


Thank you so much. 


Kind regards 


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Please atleast my put the option back to adjust sound ourselves off can’t hear anything In this new plane anymore can’t even hear when the tires touchdown on the runway barely ear engines can’t hear flaps rad alt call outs seatbelt signs nothing anymore it’s way to quiet now 

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